Apartments That Accommodate: Organization for Small Living Spaces

Despite our best efforts, once in a while we fall behind in our cleaning. Before we know it, the piles of random clutter seem to grow overnight and it all becomes far too much to deal with. Even in small spaces, it is entirely possible to stay neat and tidy. Browse through our tips and tricks on staying organized and clutter-free to get started!

Plan Your Organizing Efforts

When the clutter really piles up, it is certainly daunting to know where or how to start. Tackle the mess by first coming up with a plan. Survey each room one by one and jot down which areas need to be dealt with and how. If there are friends or family members around, try to enlist their help too! Prepare several bags or bins for items that are to be donated, recycled, or trashed.

Sort Everything

Although it is incredibly easy to flit from one room to the next, remember to stay focused. Finish one room before moving on. Get out all the clutter from surfaces, underneath furniture and in drawers. Sort it into piles of what you want to keep versus what is no longer required. When you are done, you should have the clutter sorted into several distinct piles.

Keep Versus Trash

As you sort, don’t get sidetracked by reminiscing over that beach holiday from the crushed photos that were just retrieved. Be business-like about it. Keep only the things that you absolutely need or still use. A general rule of thumb is that if it hasn’t been used in more than five years, it should go. After that, decide whether items can be given to other people you know, donated to charity, recycled, or trashed.

A Place for Everything

 After sorting, have a look at the items that are to be kept. Figure out a suitable place for each one. For example keep all the medicines in a cabinet in one room instead of leaving them lying around all over the apartment. Try to pick spots that are logical for each item or group of items. Stationary supplies might go in the home office, while any personal care products could be stored in the bathroom. By assigning a dedicated area for all of the items that tend to clutter up the house, you reduce the urge to leave them in other places.

Organizing in Small Spaces

A great organizing tip is to keep similar objects grouped together. Instead of having a drawer strewn with kitchen utensils, create (or buy) dividers for the drawer. Now put all the knives into one section, baking tools in another, wooden spoons in the next, and so on. This not only makes it neater and easier to find, but when applied to the entire living space, it helps to reduce stress by minimizing messiness. Use large plastic tubs or glass jars to hold other items. For example, in the kids’ bedroom, use a large chest to hold all their toys. When they are not playing, the toys are neatly out of sight.

Stick with the Plan

Once the house has been cleaned and organized, it becomes a little easier to maintain. Each day, instead of dumping things on just about any countertop, stop and deposit them in the appropriate spots. It literally only takes a couple of minutes, but it makes a world of difference.

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