Your Resource Guide to Home and Property Law

When it comes to the law, there are strict regulations on just about every matter a person may encounter in their lifetime. Real estate and the ownership of any property is no exception. Property law is a specific area of law that focuses on matters of immovable property, such as areas of land, whereas real estate law deals with all of items on a property. Immovable items in real estate law may involve items such as trees or bodies of water on the land; while movable items may include homes, pools or fences. The term ‘real estate’ may be used interchangeably with the term ‘reality’. It is important to be familiarized with each of these areas of the law when looking to purchase a new home or real estate to be sure of what is included when purchasing a property, as well as to avoid unnecessary legal complications.

Home and Property Law Basics

Before delving into real estate and property laws, it is important to develop an understanding of the industry terms associated with the real estate and property law. Legal terminology can be very confusing to those with no prior legal knowledge or background. Studying basic terms and understanding what the concepts of these areas of law consist of can help to make reading through real estate and property contracts much simpler and less time consuming. There are a variety of online sources to help begin this process.

Legal Language for Property Owners

Home Construction & Remodeling Legal Resources

Basic Real Estate Transactions

Understanding Tax-Deferred Exchanges

United States Real Estate and Property Laws

Each state has an individual set of laws pertaining to the real estate law. Laws may vary slightly from state to state; but overall, the basic principles are fundamentally the same. Real estate laws in the U.S. cover all areas of the land, including the land itself any structures built upon the property. Many property owners choose to hire real estate lawyers to handle more complicated real estate matters and legal transactions, though simple transactions may easily be handled with a basic understanding of real estate law. It is always important to research the specific laws of a region before signing any contracts or making heavy commitments.

Florida Real Estate Law

California Department of Real Estate

Arizona Real Estate Law: Laws, Rules, Policy Statements, and Advisories

The Alabama Real Estate Commission References and Resources

Landlord-Tenant Property Laws

Homeowner Liability/Safety Laws

Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act

Real Estate Law Book

Real Estate Tax Laws

Colorado Homeowner's Association

International Real Estate Laws

Many countries have similar real estate laws to those established in the United States, however there are slight variations and it is important to review all laws and regulations before entering into any legal agreement. Becoming familiar with the general practices of the culture, as well as the real estate and property laws is a good place to begin. Due to the differences in legal procedures, it is recommended that people entering into legal agreements regarding any transaction or development of property consult an international real estate lawyer before signing any contracts or legally binding document. 

Real Estate Laws- Philippines

Canadian Real Estate Association

International Living: Real Estate

International Homeowner's Insurance


Real Estate committees are groups focus on real estate transitions and laws. Various international, national, state, and local committees ensure that the real estate and property laws are valid and up to date. They provide resources to those involved in property or real estate disputes within their local area of practice. Committees can give a lot of valuable information when it comes to the most recent laws in states or countries and may create area guidebooks regarding the laws in their state or community.

Residential Real Estate Committee- Real Property Law Section

Center for California Homeowner Association Law

American Land Rights Association

Insurance and Real Estate Committee

Real Estate Committee- European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea

Real Estate Committee- Association of Corporate Counsel

Texas Real Estate Commission


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