The Experienced, Affordable, Always There when you need us Real Estate Agents, Inc. is a premier provider of real estate brokerage services in Florida. We are a fully licensed real estate brokerage firm and our REALTORS® are all licensed to help our customers in their real estate transactions. Our services are highly customized and priced to meet the needs of our customers.


Our experienced REALTORS® have been in the business helping many buyers and sellers with their real estate transactions. Regular Sales, Foreclosures, Short Sales...been there, done that. We work as a team and don't depend on the knowledge of just one REALTOR®. When you work with a REALTOR® from, you are working with the collective knowledge of everyone in the team. If one team member doesn't have the answer, he or she will find it. We don't profess to know all the answers. We do work towards finding them.


We strongly believe that there is a coming change in the business model of real estate brokerages and we want to be at the forefront of this change. Many real estate brokerages have long charged commission-based fees of approximately 6% to sellers who use their services. Buyers were offered a free service, but were never given a part of the commission that sellers pay to the buyer′s agent. We want to change that.

We believe that the Internet can strongly reduce costs in the real estate industry as it has done across so many other industries. It is our intention to use the Internet to break down barriers in the real estate industry and empower our customers to buy and sell their properties at a reduced cost.

Always There:

You would think that if an agent is earning a commission that he or she would easily be reachable by phone, email, or some other form of communication. From our experience and from what our customers have told us, this often tends not to be the case. Try for yourself. Call around and see how many agents you can reach who can help you and answer your questions. That's our challenge to you. Then, give us a call or send us an email and see how quickly we respond to you during business hours and often after business hours.