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We Can Negotiate with Your Landlord to Lower Your Rent or Move-In Costs

We are pretty good at getting landlords to lower their listed rental prices or move-in costs. In many cases, we give the landlords a good reason to do so. We know about their competition, we know how long they have had their properties listed, and we sure aren’t afraid to use that information and more to get them to reduce their prices. Not good at negotiating or don’t want to do that unpleasant task? Don’t worry; we will do it for you.

There are Rental Properties on the Market that you Might Not be Able to Visit without an Agent and many times these are your BEST DEALS

So many landlords out there are tired of potential tenants wasting their time looking at their properties and not renting them. In certain cases, you might need one of our licensed agents to go with you in order for the landlord to allow you to view the rental property. Increase the total number of properties that you see by using our licensed real estate agents! One of these properties could be the deal you were looking for.

Just how QUICKLY can we get you to Move into a Rental?

We are masters of the ASAP movement. We have one of the most comprehensive databases of properties on the market. We work hard on scanning it to find properties that meet your needs so that you can move into your rental property as soon as humanly possible. We know there are cases where you might need to move into a rental as soon as next week or next month. Don’t waste time calling around to Agents that might not even call you back for days. You don’t have time. Give our responsive Agents a try today!

Bad Credit, No Credit, Foreclosure, Section 8??? No Problem!

Don’t settle for anything less than a quality rental that you are proud to call “home”. We specialize in helping renters in all these unique situations. There are landlords out there who are more than willing to accept tenants from all walks of life. We will work to match you with the best landlord and property possible. Our great and accurate database of properties allows us to do this.

Why use a yellowkeyrealty.com Real Estate Agent?

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